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What we can do for you..

We can build a website for using the latest Wordpress technology, from the ground up or we can upgrade your current outdated website, additionally including marketing and search engine ranking and additional software.

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Wordpress Website

Using Wordpress the latest in industry standard content management systems.


We can help you choose a suitable hosting solution to suit your requirements and budget.

Mobile Optimised

Your site can be optimised to display and perform correctly on mobile devices

Optimised For Speed

We optimise your website and content for speed so your visitors aren't left waiting for your website to display.


Fully customisable with the option to choose from thousands of wordpress plugins and themes.

Server Software Available

More advanced software options are available with server side software, for example. Click Tracking.

Our Clients



Our design team can design and build a website using Wordpress to suit your needs and requirements. This includes not just the layout of your website, but also image editing and manipulation.


Your website can be developed using a number of technologies, including web based API's, programming languages and tools. Such as advertising from Google or tracking solutions.


We can market and promote your website with many different methods, including Search Engines (Google, Bing) using either SEO and SEM techniques and linking your website directly to social media.


Digital Media Prospects specialises in web development, web design and internet marketing with over 10 years of experience. We can build your website, customise it to your needs and get your site ranked in all of the popular search engines. And optionally teach you how to advertise your business or product on Google, Bing and Facebook.